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What We're Up To.... 

                  At Work.....                                    

                                                                     Table4 We finished the built-in dining booth.                             

     dR28       DR    

      We finished prepping the lower driveway...           and we finished pouring it.  Yahoo... it's nice to drive up it!

                        Clada plants driveway         Wav9
                           Clada started landscaping the driveway.                       We finished a mosaic for the apartment entryway.                                                              

          Trim4                  Whale Installed

                           Chip started installing trim for plastering.                             The Whale Deck tiling is finished.

                            Turtle5                             GBR Walls13a                              

                                Chip has started the turtle mosaic.                     Chip has framed the guest bedroom walls.

                             Hallway Closet3                 Half Bath Wall                      

                          Chip framed the hallway closet and linen closet.                 Chip framed the half bath.  


                                                                                  We framed the master bedroom walls.

              Wir1                    Sec1
                Glenmore pulled the wire for the main house.               We had to install additional conduit for a security system.

     House from Park  The house looks like its done from a distance, but it's NOT!

              Salt River Part2a              Delivery1             
                   Clada started another mosaic, but it is on hold         We received another materials shipment from Miami.  
                      while she completes the apartment walkway.

              Sidewalk Waves
                  This mosaic has been underway since July.

               At Play......


            Zuni at Beach2         BP32a
             At five years old, Zuni still goes to the beach every day.                  We attended the annual Boat Parade. 
               Hol23a                IT2
                      We celebrated Christmas Eve at Carol and Scott's.                      Kathy and Rich were on a STX cruise ship.  

                      Hol6a                                 WH1               
                                   We took a few holiday photos.                       Chip surprised himself and repaired our water heater.       

                             Hol47       Ray16a        
                     We enjoyed Christmas Dinner at Cathy & Gary's.          Ray had a fun 60th birthday party.

                             We enjoyed our Texas Christmas presents! 

                                 Merm25a                                 Sara8a
                                 Clada joined her friends for the annual Mermaid Mixer.                             We celebrated Sara's birthday. 

                                     Pirate's Tavern                      RC3a  
                                             We enjoyed dinner at Pirate's Tavern.                               We had a great time with the Ravens Club.

                                     Tday7  Carol and Scott hosted a fun family and friends Thanksgiving dinner.


                                             Buc1                         DM leave3
     Clada, Gary, Cathy & Frank kayaked               We said goodbye to Dawn and Mike who moved back to Vermont.

         the 5M Coral Reef Sea Swim Race.

                            Zuni as bronco            Zuni as bronco2 
Kathi sent Zuni a new Halloween costume.              Zuni wore his costume to the Halloween pizza party at Cathy's.
He was a bucking bronco!

    Halloween  Clada and Cathy helped Adele with her Halloween cannibal costume.

   Wood64                 Sara7a
     Chip visited Eric and Jennifer in Minneapolis.                    Frank and Sara hosted several parties at their house.  

    Grill2                            Bluewater1
Gary hosted the Ravens Club for football and dinner.        We drove the the East End and had dinner at Blue Water Cafe.
           Lotsorain                                              Elbow                     
  We had lots of rain over the summer;            Chip flew to San Juan for a check-up on his elbow, which doesn't bend.   
    cisterns are overflowing. 
                                                                                         Cathy participated in National Heart Day. 


             RJ7                Divi1 
         Frank demonstrated his many talents at Rowdy Joe's.       Clada joined Gary and Cathy for country music at Divi.     

                 Wood50a                                           Wood13                            
            Chip took two wood-working classes in Indianapolis.          Chip took a solo driving vacation which included stops
                                                                                                             at "manly" sites like the Jack Daniels Distillery.

                                   Clada Hoops
                                     Clada joined Cathy for a hooping session.
JULY 2013
             MA28                            Zuni loves dog bed
 Marc and Amy came to visit while they were in-between assignments.                        Zuni still loves his dog bed.

           Lone Wolf4                                          Radar1a
  Keith hosted a barbecue at The Lone Wolf Observatory.         Chip visited the East End radar site with Gary & Cathy.

                                                                                           Arlington Cemetery                                                       
                                                                 Clada took a mosaic class in Washington DC and visited her dad's grave.     

                                                       Mom in MBa                                 Mom's Book
                                   Clada and her mom went to Myrtle Beach.  While there she helped edit Mom and Ann's book.

JUNE 2013
                       HS19                                      Winetasting2
    Eric and Jennifer met up with their friends, Nancy and Pam, in St Croix.        John & Adele hosted a wine-tasting and food-pairing party.
     Clada joined the gang for a bioluminesence tour of the Salt River. 

MAY 2013
         Paul15a                                         Broken Elbow               
We flew to Colorado Springs for Paul's 70th surprise birthday party.                        Chip broke his elbow.                   

MARCH 2013                                            
   Fire1       BDay2
                     A hill near our house caught on fire.                                Zuni made a new friend at Cane Bay.    

        BDay8                  BG4          

             We celebrated Gary's birthday.           We went to Pirate's Tavern to listen to a great bluegrass band.

                 Pir5                      Val6 
            We went to Pirate's Tavern to hear Kurt Shindler play.          We had lots of fun at Valerie's house.   

                SPD71     DG1            
                  We had a blast at the St Paddy's Day Parade.            We had a fun dinner at Greg and Jean's.        

                                Clada's B-day         Gumbo
                          Clada was queen for her birthday, thank to Sara, and Gary made awesome Gumbo, per Clada's request.    

        Mardi3    Lunch at Buccaneer2
                      Mardi Croix was great fun!                              We enjoyed a terrific lunch at The Mermaid Restaurant.

     SC1  We went to Agrifest and lunched at Sand Castles on the Beach.

                        Pier Swim        Seaswim1                                                     
                                                         Clada and Cathy did the 1-mile Fredericksted Pier swim                                   

     SSt9             G4                                            
              Clada and Gary went to Sea Stock.                                   We figured out how to turn Cathy's new orchid stand
                                                                                                                            into a Bambeersler.  


                             Haircut1                                                        Chip Bingo
            Chip entertained us with his Bozo The Clown haircut.           Chip won Bingo at Off The Wall while Cathy won the raffle.

           Boat P7                                       G&C Christmas
                 We enjoyed the Christiansted Boat Parade.                          Check out the size of Gary & Cathy's Christmas tree.     

                                                            We flew to St Louis and celebrated Christmas and two birthdays.


                     New picnic table                                 Merm11
 We tested out the new picnic table with Pirate's Tavern cheeseburgers.       We participated in the Second Annual Mermaid Mixer.              

                       TDay6   We enjoyed a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner with the Salt River Gang.

                  Mailbox13                 Rav19
    Kevin, Chip & Gary installed new neighborhood mailboxes.              We had lots of fun with the Ravens Club.              

       BTB1                ck7
            Gary, Cathy, Clada & Frank provided                                    Clada visited her mom and was joined by Kevin.         
           kayak support for the Coral Reef Swim.

                                             Sea Van6
           Chip moved all of the household goods from the sea van to the workshop.

       Keys20                   Keys58
 We had a fun trip to Key West and Fort Lauderdale                 Then Eric & Jennifer flew in from Minneapolis
                        with Cathy & Gary.                                                                        for the weekend.

                                            Corrosion                                             Chair strut 
  Check out the corrosion on our outdoor sliding chair bracket; we found some stainless steel one which are better.

                 New Bed  We bought a king size bed which Zuni loves as much as we do!
JULY 2012
      July4                      CT4
     We had a July Fourth Barbecue at Gary & Cathy's.           Chip visited his dad and stepmom in Waterford, NY. 

   CT9                      CT15
  Chip visited Maria and Pat in upstate New York.               Chip visited with Ed and Rosalee in Greenfield Center, NY.

                     CT27                                 CBD3                 
             Chip visited Sabina and her family in Boston.              Chip celebrated his birthday upon his return.

                PD4  Cathy and Gary hosted the Salt River Gang for pizza.

              Cathy63  Cathy 63-1
                                We celebrated Cathy's 63rd birthday.  Cathy still looks great!                 

JUNE 2012
                   Ray5                           CR3                                                               
       We enjoyed seeing Ray and Diana's orchids at their party.           Cathy and Clada walked for a charity event.

                          Still Playing5
                                  Zuni is 4 years old.

MAY 2012
                              Wedding5           Nona3  
                                   We attended Gregor and Jean's wedding.            Nona came back to St Croix for much-needed R&R. 

                                  Shaves1                Chip n Gary  
                                   Gary gets a retirement haircut.                Gary joined us for dinner while Cathy was off-island.                     

  APRIL 2012
         GC Dr50                     Springy Mom
        We partnered with Gary & Cathy to do our driveways.                         Clada visited her mom in Fayetteville.
                     This project lasted from April-June.

                KJF1                  CCM4
We said farewell to Keith and Jennette.                     We attended a free country music concert at Divi.

               GC Family2
                   Gina, Roger, and Lincoln visited Gary and Cathy.


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