Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                   Building Our House in the Caribbean                                                 

                                                                            Step 76 - More Driveway Preparation

                                    We had to file for a new building permit since the lower driveway wasn't on our original plan,
                                                       so 2 months later, we're now ready to work on the driveway again.
          Chip shovels
              edges                         Lines12   
Chip had to shovel out some edges to line up the driveway.  Chip formed and poured a concrete pad to install overflow drains.

Lines11 Lines1  
                                                                Chip dug out the existing water & electric conduit.

            Lines2  He wanted to ensure we didn't drive stakes through them.     

  Lines9  Lines8
                                                   We've learned to save the conduit photos on the internet so we don't lose the pictures.

                                    Lines3  Lines7
                                     This is the propane line to the lower level of the house...we definitely want to protect that line!

  Lines5  Lines4  LInes6
                          We never know when we're going to need to locate a line in the future; we often refer to pictures we've taken. 

                               DR1  DR2          
Chip wanted to fine tune the base, so he had Israel bring in more gravel and use it to ensure the driveway slope was perfect.

                      DR4  DR5  DR6
                                             There is a lot of shovel work in this process because machinery can only do so much. 

                        DR7  DR8 
                          Lots of shaping was done to ensure the water drained away from the house.
DR11 DR14
            DR19 DR20

               We were happy with the finished base, even if it was a ton of work to get it perfect.

DR26 DR28
  We had Big Keith and his helper work with Chip to install the forms for us.  We prepped two areas for the first pour.

                DR30 DR31
                    This is how the forms are braced.                  Chip used gravel to block any openings.           
                                                      We both tied the steel mats.

DR12  DR13 
                     DR22  DR23 
DR25  We did more excavation for a future project while the backhoe was on site.

                                                                                             We're ready for the first lower driveway pour....

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