Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                   Building Our House in the Caribbean                                                          

                                                         Step 81 - Landscaping the Driveway
Clada worked on this over two summers.  Our planting season is May-November, when we have a lot of rain and less wind.

                plants driveway                           
Driveway Garden1
          Clada planted a few plants and then had to cut back the hill.                           Here's what it looks like one year later.

    Sargassum  Clada washed buckets of Sargassum to fertilize plants and keep mulch from washing away.

                                  Sod1      Sod4
Clada received a phone call from Crucian Gardens who said they (unexpectedly) had a pallet of zoysia grass for Clada.

                                     Clada picked it up, but she made Chip drive the huge load up the was scary big.

  Only one area had been prepped for sod, so it went in fast.  There were 2 more days of pickaxe work to use all of it.

                                                                  Sod13a      Sod14a
                                                                                                      The sod has filled in nicely.
                                      Garden Matures7a    Garden
                        This is what the garden looks like one and a half years later.  Clada expanded the garden up the hill this summer.

                                  Garden Matures2  Garden Matures4
                                        Clada has started installing rocks on the driveway garden, but still has a ways to go. 

                                       Sod10a  Garden Matures3
                                                                          The rock wall that Clada built is holding up well. 

                                       Garden Matures5a  Garden Matures6
                                                                 This is Clada's newest garden that she planted in the late Spring. 

                                              Sod7  Sod8  Sod9
                                                        It's a dirty job planting and weeding after it rains, which is the best time to do it.

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