Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                   Building Our House in the Caribbean                                                 

                                                                            Step 80 - Pouring the Lower Driveway

                            This was a painful summer.  We had lots of concrete pours at our house, and lots of pours at Gary & Cathy's.
                                       DR33  DR34
                                    We got off to a bad start when the concrete truck couldn't make it up the hill.  Boo hiss. 

                                              DR35  DR36
                                                     So now we're ready to go again...this time we have Trent pumping for us. 

                         DR37 DR38
                           DR40 DR41                              
DR42 DR43 
              We had plenty of crew on site with Cowboy leading the team.     It's a lot easier using a pumper for concrete!

The brothers (Gary & Chip) are working hard!                    
         DR53         DR55
                                                                   Nona happened to be visiting when we did our first pour.

                                DR50      DR51
                                    Cowboy really knows what he is doing, but we certainly had tough conditions with wind and sun.
                                                     The first pour is done; Big Keith comes back and cuts the concrete control joints.

DR57  DR58  DR59
DR60  DR61  DR62a
                                Chip stripped off the forms, while Zuni tested out the second section of the driveway.

                       DR63  DR64 
                                          Chip installed the dowels that connect the sections together.

DR65  DR66
                                       Chip prepped the drainage boxes so they could be poured with the next section. 

DR67  DR68  DR69
                 Keith and Chip formed up drainage area and the next section to be poured.  Zuni loves the attention he gets.

  DR70  DR71  DR72
           Zuni tested more of the driveway.              Clada and Chip installed the steel mess, rebar and plastic.   Ready for another pour!

                      DR73  DR74 
   The M&M crew plus Cowboy poured the next section.  This one was a challenge; the second truck cancelled, but then came.       

            DR77  DR78
                          Cathy and Clada were the Conform girls for most of the driveway projects.                   

                                                                    The third pour is done.

     DR79  DR80
            The third pour was going so well, we decided to go for it and finish it with just a truck and no pumper.                           

     DR82  DR84 
              We had to scurry and put together the bottom of the driveway so we could finish the fourth pour.

                                                   DR86  DR87
                                                 Cowboy and Chip measured the color by hand to dump it in the truck. 

DR88  Dr89a  DR90
  Clada is so happy everyone agreed to work longer and finish the pour rather than schedule another one.  Thanks, Cowboy!

  DR91  DR92 
We had to shovel up the excess cement, and later we picked up all of the dried chunks.  Then Keith cut in the remaining control joints.

      DR96  Zuni was more than happy to test out the new driveway.

                                Clada had lots of work to prep for landscaping, starting with relocating the topsoil pile.     

  Then she had to pick up the excess gravel and move it to the gravel pile.

                         DR98  DR99 

              The topsoil was moved by bucket to back fill the edge of the driveway.  Hills are especially tough to backfill.
            Clada ran out of topsoil before she got to the bottom of the hill, so this remains a work in progress.  

                               This was a lengthy project that Chip used his civil engineering skills.
                   Clada loves walking her bike down the driveway instead of slipping and sliding on dirt and rocks, too.

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