Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                   Building Our House in the Caribbean                                                          

                               Step 75 - The Guest Bedroom, Bathroom and Closet Ceiling and Walls
                                                            We have a lot to do before we can plaster the guest bedroom.
GBR4     GBR1
First, Clada cleaned the ceiling, then she caulked all of the seams and openings, and finally applied a second primer coat.

Chip touches up the edges since he is a better painter than Clada.  GBR3

        GBR2 Chip wondered how Clada got paint on the back of her legs during ceiling work.

       Clada finishes up the last of the second prime coat.  GBR Ceiling1  GBR Ceiling2
                          Finally....ready to start on walls!

                 We ordered lumber from a local lumber company, which we washed in a bleach solution. 
                Walls3  GBR Walls4  GBR Walls5
     Chip constructed the bathroom partition first.  We wanted to install pocket doors which made it more complicated. 

                Walls6  GBR Walls7
                                           Next Chip installed the wall that leads into the closet, which also has a pocket door. 

                Walls8  GBR Walls10 
Then Chip continued the walls up to the ceiling, which was challenging since he had to work with the exposed rafters. 

                Walls12  GBR Walls13a 
                                                             Scaffolding is critical to work on our house!

  GBR Walls15a  GBR Walls16  GBR
                           Chip did most of the work himself, with Clada's help only needed now and then. 

                Walls18 GBR Walls19 GBR Walls20 Guest Bedroom Wall
              Chip bought a cheap door to test all of the door slide hardware, so he was confident it worked well before we plaster.

                                                      GBR Bath
                Walls1  GBR Bath
                                                       Chip installed a shower partition and Art roughed in the plumbing.

                plumb1  Rough in
                plumb2  Rough in
                                                                    Here are some photos of the rough-in plumbing.

                     GB1  GB2  GB3 
                      GB4  GB5 
      GB7  GB8  GB9 
                        GB10  GB11   GB13 
                                      GB14  GB15  GB16 
          There is no such thing as too many pictures of rough-in electrical and plumbing when you're nailing into a wall.

                           GB18  GB20  GB21  GB22
                                    Chip has started installing the durock on the shower walls, which will be tiled.
                        GB23  GB24  GB25
                                              It takes time to properly size and cut the holes in the plywood. 

                       GB26       GB27  GB28 
                              This is the guest bedroom closet.                          Chip spends lots of time adjusting the frame.

                         GB29  GB30 
                         GB31  GB32  GB34 
                         GB36  Chip is making slow, steady progress on the walls.

                                                                    More to come...this journey is continuing.

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