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                                    Recent Adventures - October 2012

We enjoyed watching the Baltimore Ravens with the Salt River Gang.  What a terrific season!   
                       Rav5      Rav6
                           Adele and John have a fabulous place to watch football while enjoying our tropical environment.

                     Rav1 Rav2
Rav3a   Lots of purple was worn!                                    

                                                              Gary and Chip got comfy at the bar.


Rav10a Rav9  Rav8
                  We enjoyed terrific food at these football events, especially the ever-famous Football Dip made by Cathy.

                                 Rav12 Rav13
                                                          There also were quite a few Corn Hole competitions.

                                                         Rav11  The Ravens just kept winning!

                        Zuni liked it when the Ravens Club was at Gary & Cathy's because he got to come and see the turtles.     

                                                                     Chip tried on Gary's new earphones. 

                         Gary moved one of his TVs outside for us to watch.    Rav17 

                        Rav18  The non-football fans played scrabble.

    Rav19  Rav20 
 The games just kept getting better and better.  This game went late and we were all freezing since a storm had blown in.

                                                 Rav21a  The food was still good!

        Rav23  Rav24      
Chip bummed a towel from Adele to use as a blanket. Valerie had a jacket.         Cathy wrapped up, too.


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