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                                    Recent Adventures - August 2013

                               Chip traveled to Indianapolis and took 2 wood-working classes 
                                              at the Marc Adams Woodworking School.

                                                         Wood4a               wood1
                                              Chip's first class was Furniture Design taught by Graham Blackburn. 
                                         He was tasked to design a piece of furniture that had 2 distinct functions.
                 He chose to do a bar stool for the first function, and an herb garden for the second function.  The instructor said
                                                          that was the wildest idea he had ever seen in his classes.      

   Wood56a    Wood2a
                            He had to draw it first in several different perspectives and then build a foam board model.     

Wood5  He didn't see this coming, but an AWESOME lunch was provided daily.

                       Wood6                                                   Wood7
   Chip was surprised to find a drying rack                                One of Chip's classmates was a lathe wizard
              like he had made for home.                                                          and had a segmented bowl.
Wood8  Wood9
                                        Chip's final design project was a TV garage design where the TV would lift up out of the cabinet. 

                                    Wood12a   Wood10   Wood57a
                                                  This was designed and constructed on late Thursday night and Friday morning. 
                                             Note the feet are constructed from styrofoam coffee cups that he dug out of the trash.

                          Wood51a         Wood54a
                                                    Chip's second class was Joinery taught by Marc Adams. 
                                          He spent 58 hours in a 4 1/2 day class.  It was tough, but very educational!

  Wood50a              Wood52a 
    This is what the classroom/workshop looks like.            There were lots of display cases leading to the lunch room.

                                                       Wood43     Wood44 

                             Wood45  Wood46 
                                                          Hand cut dovetails were a major emphasis to start the course.

                                                                  By the end of the week though, the joints got a lot more complex!

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