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                           Beautiful St Croix in the US Virgin Islands

Views from our house

                                                                                             House View3

                                           Summer Sunrise          Summer Sunrise  
        Summer Sunrise3      Another summer sunrise
                                                                                                                 More sunrises.

                            Sunset Nov  Sunset Nov2
                                                                  Sunrise in camera just doesn't do the sunrises justice.
   Double Rainbow  Double Rainbow3
                                                                                                      Afternoon double rainbow
                                          Reverse Sunset1
                                                                                                         Reverse sunset

                                          Reverse Sunset2
                                                                                             The same reverse sunset.

                                             Sailboar on
          horizon      Green Island
                                                              A serene sailboat....                                The island is green after May's 18 inches of rain!

More house pictures

   House from Water 
This is what our house looks like from the water.

Below are pictures of the North Shore

 View from our
          Land  Cane Bay Reef Club Waves  stx fishing

        Cane Bay Sunset 2    Cane Bay Sunset   Cane
          Bay Reef Club Sunset

          Bogey's Sign  Sleeping Cat and
      Pelican   Carib

       OTW1  Iguana     

Below are pictures from the Salt River

Columbus Cove   Salt River

Flamboyant1  Flamboyant3Flamboyant2 

Below are pictures from other parts of the island

    East End View   Domino Club  Hotel on the Cay

The Fort  Southshore Sunset From Bobby's  Southshore Sunset From Bobby's 

Flower1    Flower2    Botanical Garden1

Botanical Garden2     Botanical Garden3     Croton at Botanical

Crotan and
      Bouganvilla at Botanical Gardens  Croton Colors  Airplant

                                                                 Fauna1  Fauna2

                                             Boardwalk  Chrst Harbor

                                    KB16  KB21
The Buccaneer Golf Course is simply beautiful

Buccaneer 1  Buccaneer2  Buccaneer3  Buccaneer4

  Buccaneer 8

Crucians love holiday lights

              Christmas Lights      Christmas Lights on Sailboat       Christmas Lights at Salt River

This is where we we used to live!  Chip was the Gentle Winds Condo Association General Manager and required to live on site.
The Condo BuildingView from our CondoGentle Winds BeachThe Pool
            Our building                             View from our condo                                      The beach                                               The pool

                    Gentle Winds   Gentle Winds2
                                                                                             Gentle Winds from a distance
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