Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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June 2011:  Parker and Sam come to St Croix for two weeks. MC108

April 2011:  Paul and Suzanne return for a third trip and first triathlon.  IM8

December 09:  Butch and Karen visit St Croix again.    Butch, Karen and Chip at Eat

May 09:  Nona returns to St Croix for two weeks.   south shore cafe

March 08:   Keith, Marci, Emily, Ken and Amy visit for Spring Break.  Lob Reef11

February 08:   Paul and Suzanne surprised Clada for her 50th!     PS1

January 08:  Eric and Jennifer came for a quick visit.

                                     Sue and Chip Clada and Sue
                                          December 2007:  Sue returned for a quick weekend in between her trip to Colorado and Okinawa

  April 2007:  Nona was welcomed back to St Croix for a 2-week visit!          Chip, Clada and Nona at Lobster Reef

   March 2007:  Clada's nephew, Ken, and his girlfriend, Amy, visited for Spring Break          Amy and Ken with GW in Background

March 2007:   Chip's brother, Eric, returned to St Croix for the first time since he got married here!   Eric and Chip at Beach Party3

March 2006:  My brother, Keith, and his wife, Marci, visited us for a week.  Keith loved kayaking and even went diving at Cane Bay--now he just needs to get certified!

           Keith on Kayak                   Keith in condo              Gentle Winds Pool                                  

                                  Keith kayaking                                                              Keith in the condo                                          Gentle Winds pool
                                                                                                                                                                                          (Marci's second home)

Feb 2006:  Karen and Butch, and Karen's sister, Sue and her husband, Mike, rented a 2-bedroom condo at Gentle Winds for a couple of weeks. 
                  It was great having them on the island.
Dec 2005:  Nona joined us for Christmas--we are missing her still--our fellow beach bum needs to come back soon!
Apr 2005:  Paul and Suzanne came for a week, and we all wish it was longer...
Mar 2005:  Sue vacated Colorado for warmer weather and came for a week.

   Night Noodling         Ocean Noodling         Noodling should be an Olympic sport!                                                                     
                     Sue                                    Chip and Paul                                      Paul and Suzanne
                  Sue visited from Colorado....................................lots of runaways from winter, because Paul and Suzanne came too!

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