Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                       St Croix Guests - March 08

      Clada's brother, Keith, brought his entire family to visit St Croix before we move out of Gentle Winds. 
                                                       It was Emily's first trip to the island.

 Emily StudiesEmily studied for law school most of the time she was here....which is probably how she won the writing award!

 Lob Reef1Lob Reef2Lob Reef3
           But she had to eat sometime...we all went to the Lobster Reef for the usual Friday night get together

Lob Reef11Lob Reef10Lob Reef5
                                    Vicki did a great job serving us, especially considering the big crowd.
                                    Lob Reef6            
Lob Reef9
                                          Amy isn't scared off yet....          Keith enjoys getting the whole family together

                 Tazz provides continuous entertainment at the Lobster Reef  Lob Reef12 

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