Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                          St Croix Guests - March 07

                           Ken Visits for Spring Break...and then some

            Clada's nephew, Ken, and his girlfriend, Amy came down for Ken's senior year spring break from the University of Tulsa.

 Amy and Ken at Frankie'sChip and Keith at Frankie's
Jeanette and Her Son at Frankie's                           
Amy and Ken at The Lobster Reef                                 Chip and Keith                                   Jeannette with her son, Todd
                   Lobster Dinner  Lobster Dinner2
We  joined some of the North Shore Bubbas for a lobster dinner at Bogey's
                                   Amy and Ken with GW in Background  Amy and Ken at Jeanette's House
Amy and Ken enjoy shorts weather!!!

      Ken and Amy with Gang at Frankie's  Friday night with the North Shore Bubbas
Amy and Ken at Norma'sKen Feeds PigHappy Pig2
  Amy and Ken at Norma's (aka "The Pig Bar")                    Ken feeds the pig a beer                                                  One Happy Pig

                        Clada made them tour more of the island, including the East End  Amy and Ken at East End
Ken and Amy at St PatsAmy and Ken at Beach
And they attended the Gentle Winds St Patrick's Day Party (very gracious of them)

                                            Ken and Amy at Airport 2nd Time        Ken and Amy Make Flight

Their Saturday flight was cancelled so Amy and Ken were able to stay a couple more days...woo hoo!
                     They were happy to make the flight on Monday and managed to get a few extra perks for their "inconvenience"!

                                           Come back soon, Ken!  We're looking for reports on JPL (job, passport, license)...

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