Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                          St Croix Guests - March 07

                                       Eric Visits for a Long Weekend

                                 Chip's brother, Eric, flew in for a long weekend.  It was his first visit since his St Croix wedding in 1996.

                                   Chip with Eric on Phone  
Even on vacation, Eric is on the phone wheeling and dealing....

              The Emmette brothers are TALL as shown here with Marian....     Chip, Marian, and Eric

                        Chip and Eric golfed both days while Eric was here, but made time for a Cane Bay Beach Party

      Eric Beach Party11 Eric Beach Party 10 Eric Beach Party14
Chip was our chef                      Cris, Rick and Eric                            Peggy, Keith and Jeannette

       Eric Beach Party13Eric Beach Party9Eric Beach Party8
Miss Photogenic:  Rorie with Robert and Sheila
                               Eric Beach Party13   Ain't love grand????

  Eric Beach Party7           Eric Beach Party5        Eric Beach Party4
Asa, the beach mascot, waits for din-din     Keith enjoys a break from grilling                      Cris and Rick

           Eric Beach Party 3Eric Beach Party1Eric and Chip at Beach Party
               Frankie                    Rick got the fire going                                  Life is good....

               Eric Beach Party2Eric Beach Party6
and there's always time for a beach party
                             Eric and Chip at Beach Party3  Eric and Chip at Beach Party2    
                                                                    It was great to have Eric here!
                                                   ERIC, COME BACK SOON...AND BRING FUR!!!

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