Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                          St Croix Guests - April 07

                                   Nona Returns to the North Shore!              

            We had the pleasure of Nona's company for a couple of weeks this trip!  She remains a true beach bum and fits right in here!

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                              Nona Visits StX Again
    Nona and Frankie at Lobster Reef   
                                         Nona is always happy in St Croix!                                 Nona and Frankie

                                                    NS Bubbas Big Group
                                        We had a big group for Nona's first Friday night on the island!

                             Chip, Clada and Nona at Lobster ReefJeannette, Chip and Nona at Lobster Reef
                                                    Needless to say we spent a lot of time at The Lobster Reef

       Nona and Chip Cook  Nona and Chip were the chefs for Frogmore Stew night

Keith, Chip and Nona at GW Cookout

GW Barbecue
  We had a final Thursday night cookout at Gentle Winds 
                                                        We will see you in the Fall, Nona!!  Come on back!

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