Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                       St Croix Guests - May 09

    Nona returned to St Croix for a third time for a two-week visit.  Diane came with her for the first week.
             It was great to have her back, especially since she is an honorary North Shore Bubba.
           diane and nona                               tanned nona2tanned nona
    Diane and Nona visited the apartment.                              Nona spent her days on the beach or at the Gentle Winds condo.

                                    nona visit1  nona visit2
                               It was apparent that nothing had changed at the Lobster Reef...same ol' cast of characters.

                                       keith and nona  Diane and Greg 
                                            We enjoyed a fine meal at Frankie's... it is good to have Nona back on the island.

                                              chip models headwear       Chip and Clada during Nona'svisit
Chip was a happy camper to have Nona back in town.        

keith's barkeith's bar2keith's bar4Keith's bar7     dawn and diane at keith's barlarry and greg at keith's barKieth and Rick at Keith's barkeith's bar3
                                  keith's bar6keith's bar11
         In Nona's honor, Keith had a barbecue at the Lone Wolf Observatory.  He was a magnificent host and we all over-indulged!

                     keith's bar8  keith's bar9  keith's bar10
To cap off the night, Keith made all of the guests his famous Bushwackers...hmmmm good.
                            The ride home with Chip was VERY entertaining, too.  keith's bar13 
south shore cafe
We insisted Nona leave the North Shore once, so we went west and ate at the Sunset Grill

                                    nona visit13  nona visit14
For her final appearance, Nona cooked with Frankie and made her famous brisket and cheesy potatoes, which was fabulouso!
                                                                NONA, hurry back--it is always so great to see you! 

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