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                                                  Zuni Grows Up  

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                                                            Zuni3      Zuni in tie    
                                                                       Zuni at eight weeks.                 Zuni flies to Austin for Christmas.                             

Lounge Lizard    Lumpy Face2
                     Zuni is quite the poser for the camera.                                                   Zuni has an allergic reaction

           Zuni and Retrievers1            Zuni and
        Zuni romps at the beach daily with three golden retrievers.                Zuni enjoys romping with his friend, Taper.

         Sandy Zuni    Sleeping Duo
          Zuni weighs 73 pounds and still loves to dig in the sand.                    Zuni is the king of lounging around.

             Zuni sleeps                                 Still Playing5
                                   Zuni is still The Prince.                                                                      Zuni is four years old.

             Zuni loves dog bed          Zuni at Beach2
                                 Zuni still loves his dog bed.                                     At five years old, Zuni still goes to the beach every day.

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