Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                       Recent Adventures - Oct 08

                                                                                Zuni Omar Van Meter joins the family
           Friends of ours told us about a puppy they found in the bush and we decided to adopt him from the animal shelter.
 Zuni came home the day before Hurricane Omar hit St Croix, so we had the puppy to entertain us while we were without power.
                       Zuni's middle name is Omar because he sometimes changes personality and becomes a devil dog. 
                                             His last name is Van Meter because that is who found him.

        Zuni1  Zuni2  Zuni3
        This is Zuni's first day at home.  We're introducing him to crate training...and notice how he is already on the couch.

  Clada and ZuniClada and Zuni2
Clada and Zuni5
          Zuni weighed 7 pounds when we got him from the shelter.  He was flea bitten and wormy, but otherwise in relatively good health.

  Clada and Zuni3
Clada and Zuni4Zuni4
           Zuni is a mama's boy and loves napping with Clada.                                                 Check out the puppy belly.

Chip and Zuni2
                                                 Chip introduced Zuni to the sand pile.


                                                           Zuni loves sliding down the hill.

                                                               Zuni can be sweet and adorable.

                                                    But he spends most of his waking hours being a puppy. 

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