Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                                Zuni's Adventures

                                                                                                    Zuni photos at age 4

Zuni weighs 78 pounds and is doing great!                                                  
                Playing Still playing2 Still Playing3
                Playing4  Still
                Playing5  Still
                                 Zuni and Taper still play occasionally, but not as much since Taper goes to Colorado for the summer.

       Zuni wants to go  Zuni sits outside the apartment, making sure that we know he's going with us.

                Turtle1  Zuni turtle2
Zuni Chair Zuni Chair2
Zuni is fascinated by the turtles at Gary and Cathy's house.                 He also loves Cathy and insisted on sharing a chair with her.

                              Zuni in
Zuni bed1
                          We lived with a queen size bed for 25 years, but thanks to Zuni, we're going to have to move up to a king.

                               New Bed  Here's the new king size bed...Zuni loves it!
                              Zuni in
Zuni on the job
                              Zuni still likes to supervise the job site and manages to find a corner where he can watch us work.

                                   Zuni in
                Chair3  Zuni in
                                      Zuni let our neighbor's dog, Tri, use his dog bed when Tri was hanging at our place a lot. 

 Sam entertained Luna and Zuni while waiting for us to fly in from St Louis after Christmas. Zuni
                with Sam

      BDay2  Zuni met a large, friendly black dog at Cane Bay and had a blast.

                  Zuni watches at the top of the hill for Chip to come home from Puerto Rico.   Dog Statute

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