Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                   Recent Adventures - February 09

                                                           Zuni "Omar" Van Meter
                 Zuni is now six months old and weighs in at 36 pounds.  Here are the lastest pictures of our Crucian mutt.

                             Zuni in puppy bed  Zuni still plays with tether ball pole
                                  Zuni has outgrown his puppy bed.....but he still plays with his "dog entertainment pole"

  Lounge Lizard  Lounge Lizard2
                                         Zuni has mastered "the pose" and thinks he has a future career in modeling

                             Comfy chair  Not sure this pose is a good one for potential modeling jobs

    View gets betterZuni final grades
Dirt nose dog
                  Zuni loves excavation work, especially the large dirt piles that get moved around...he loves to dig in them

                                      Zuni in wheelbarrow  Zuni in wheelbarrow2
                                           He will even dig in the wheelbarrow when Clada isn't looking

                       Dental health6Dental Health2
                              This month is "Animal Dental Health Month" so Zuni applied for the "poster dog" job

Dental health1   Dental Health3
                                             Note how he demonstrates how important it is to reach those back molars

                                                          Dental Health4
                                               He was out of floss and used the other end of the toothbrush instead

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