Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                                Zuni's Adventures

                                                                                Zuni pictures from age 6 to 10 months
        This is Zuni's first day at home.  We're introducing him to crate training...and notice how he is already on the couch.

       the prince2the princezuni on couch2
           One of Zuni's nicknames is "The Prince".  He definitely loves lounging with us when we're in the living room.

      Zuni in sandpileZuni digs fox holezuni and sand
                                                                         He is still crazy about sandpiles

                                      Lumpy Face1     Lump Face3
                              Have you ever seen an uglier dog?  Chip says he lookcs like Rocky Balboa after a fight.
          Zuni apparently tangled with something he is allergic to THREE different times.   The swelling lasts about 4 hours.

                            Zuni and Clada in truck
                        chip and zuni3
        Zuni goes the the beach every morning for his exercise.               He is now a daddy's boy, too.

                                    Zuni on mat  zuni loves the project3
                                                                 Zuni is a lounge lizard half of the day.

                       zuni and coconutzuni and coconut2         zuni and hermit crab2
                                             He loves to shred coconuts...                                          and find critters
                                                                 Zuni and Nia
                                       If we can't find Zuni, he was inevitably playing with our neighbor's dog, Nia.

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