Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                   Recent Adventures - December 08

                                                           Zuni "Omar" Van Meter
                                       Zuni is now four months old.  Here are the lastest pictures of our Crucian mutt.

Zuni in CrateZuni in Crate2Zuni Sleeping in Crate2 
                      Zuni is now crate-trained, although we only shut the door on him if we're leaving the premises.  He still sleeps with us.

   Zuni on Couch  Zuni Hangs with Chip  Zuni and Clada
            Sleep Together
                      He only has an on and off switch...when he is in the rare "off" mode, he will curl up on the couch with us...

   Zuni Asleep on CouchZuni and Chip on ChairSpoiled Mutt 
          And without us...                                      But don't be fooled...                                    He is rarely this mellow!

                                                        Zuni outside  Zuni Outside2  
                                                                        Still, he's a sweet puppy...most of the time

Zuni sees
              horses  Zuni and Hermit
  Zuni and pole5
      Zuni watches the horses                       Zuni spots a LARGE hermit crab                  Zuni assaults a coconut

                 Zuni in tie  Zuni in Tie2  Zuni in bells
                                                                  Zuni models his Christmas attire 
                       Zuni and
              and Zuni
                       Zuni goes to Snoopy puppy camp                                                Zuni is getting bigger...

                                                          Zuni puppy 
Zuni is babysat by Luna.
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