Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                                Zuni's Adventures

                                                                                                    Zuni photos at age 5
                                                                       Zuni in bed4 
                             Sprawled  Sprawled2
                                                           Zuni and Chip both know how to sprawl on a king-size bed.                                     

 Zuni in booth  Zuni has never sat in the booth before, but he just loves Cathy.

                            Mako in shirt  Mako in
                                  Mako had a skin infection so John used our t-shirt system to keep him from licking it.

                                Zuni disappears when he sleeps in his bed.   Zuni matches bed 
           Mako & ZuniMako and Zuni3
                                             Mako and Zuni4
     Now that Mako is 11 months old, he comes down 3-4 times a day and Zuni plays "mosh pit" with him.

                    Zuni at beach  Zuni at
                                  Zuni still meets up with the golden retrievers for his daily Salt River walk and swim. 

                           Zuni as bronco  Zuni as
               Zuni as bronco4
  Zuni as
   Kathi sent Zuni a new Halloween costume.  He's a bucking bronco!  He didn't mind wearing the costume at all!    

                                                                                Zuni at Salt River
       If Zuni doesn't get to go to the beach, he sees no point in getting out of bed.  When the weather is bad, he has
       been known to go to bed at 7pm and not get out of bed until 2pm.  Oh to be a dog....   

Zuni with
             Zuni dressed for Christmas dinner.               Zuni enjoyed Dylan and Parker's Christmas gifts. 


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