Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                                Zuni's Adventures

                                                                                Zuni photos from age 11 to 16 months

                     Zuni and Retrievers1  Zuni and Retrievers2
   Zuni goes to Salt River Beach every single day to meet up with Margorie's three golden retrievers for a 2-mile romp on the beach.

                                                    Salt River View of House
             We can even see our house from the beach which reminds us of all of the work we need to do when we get home!

  Zuni loves coconuts  Zuni and Coconut Nut  Zuni and Coconut Nut2 
Zuni and Coconut Nut3  Zuni and Coconut4  Zuni and Coconut5
            Zuni loves coconuts, especially the meat inside.  He will not leave it alone until all of the meat has been consumed.

                                 Zuni and Chip relax           Zuni's New Bed 
                                       This is Zuni's usual hangout place.                   He has a new dog bed that he likes, too.

                                               Construction Dog 
Zuni in Garage
                                  Zuni is a very good construction dog; he is comfortable with noise and doesn't mind the mess.

  Zuni and Taper1
Zuni and Taper2Zuni and Taper5
     Zuni has a new buddy.  Our neighbor, Carol, adopted a rescue puppy named Taper, and these two play together almost daily.

                                 Zuni and Taper3  Zuni and Taper4
                                            They are the best of buds and even take water breaks together.

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