Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                       St Croix Guests - April 2011

                                                           Paul and Suzanne made their third trip to the island,
                         timing their trip so Suzanne could participate in her first 70.3 Ironman.
                                                     This is a BEFORE on the photo to see the whole race.

              IM50      IM51
             Suzanne & Paul only had 2 real vacation days, so Mamawanna at Norma's, AKA The Domino Club, was a must do.

                              IM52  IM53
                                                                          We had lunch at Eat@Cane Bay.
IM58  IM56
            Paul and Suzanne were good sports and got up in time to join us for our daily 7am dog walk with Marjorie.

                                           Paul and Suzanne found large conch shells to take home.

                     There is nothing like starting your day with a walk on the beach with very happy & frisky dogs.
                         IM70  IM71
                                            Paul wanted to visit Point Udall on his last vacation day.

                                              We enjoyed eating lunch at a new restaurant, the Bluewater Cafe.

     We're proud of Suzanne for completing her first Triathlon.  But next time, Suzanne gets to do all the Ironman preliminary events
                    on her own...we're going to hang out with Paul on the beach sipping rum punches while she burns calories! 


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