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                                 Recent Adventures - November 2012

This is the second annual Mermaid Mixer.  A swimmer and a runner are chosen at random
and paired as a team.  Clada and Cathy swam the short course with some of their friends. 
                                                       Cathy, Ros, Sheelagh, Clada and Carol are regular swimmers at Cane Bay.

                                         Merm2  Merm3
                                                                   Teresa set up the course for this fun, casual event. 
                                                   Scott is working the event, too.   Merm4   

                                       Merm6    Merm8
                                                                        These are our partners for this year's event. 

                  Cathy chats with Jen, one of the organizers of the race.  Merm7

                      Merm9  Merm10
                           The swimmers are getting ready to start the race.  We hope we don't run into breast strokers. 

  Merm11  And they're off!
                                       Merm14  Merm15 
                                  It was a quick race...and then we're waiting for our partners to come back from the 2-mile run.

    One of the best parts of the race is the libations that are served afterwards!  Merm18

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