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                                      Recent Adventures - July 2012

Chip visited his sister, Sabina, and her family in Boston.  It was great that all of the kids were home.

                  CT20  CT21  CT23
Who needs the most supervision on a trip to see the Red Sox?  It wasn't the niece and nephews, instead it was MICHAEL! 

                                 CT24  CT26
                                                                      Chip enjoyed seeing a game while he was there. 

  CT25  CT27
              Chip and Morgan.            Michael, Morgan, Hunter and Garrett.      Hunter and his college friends with him.

                                                  Chip and Sabina enjoyed catching up.     CT30

                                                     CT31     CT32
                                                                 Morgan had a part time summer job at a water park. 

CT34  CT33             CT35
           Morgan and a friend.           Hunter brought another friend from Michigan.     It isn't wise to sleep when others are awake.               

                              CT36   The kids had a good time getting together.

     CT37   CT38  CT39
                   Morgan and Garrett demonstrate their athletic skills.                           The college kids demonstrate R&R.                    

                                       CT40   Michael is working on a beautiful inlay clock.

                                                          Morgan is getting dressed up for a night out.   CT41 

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