Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                   Building Our House in the Caribbean

                                                                          Step 73 - Constructing a Built-In Dining Booth

Since the apartment is so small, we thought we would construct a built-in eating area. 
                                                                       Chip calls this project "geometry hell."
            Booth1  Clada tested the mock-ups that Chip used to figure out dimensions.

                                Booth2           Booth3
                                           Chip built a 2x4 base.                              Next he figured out the necessary mitre cuts.

                  Booth4  Booth5  Booth6
                                                                    Lots and lots of angles had to be determined.

Booth10  Booth8                    
                                                              He dry-fit the bench to check all of the angles.

                              Before we could install the booth frame, we painted the walls and window, and installed wood trim.
Frames1  Frames2  Frames3
               Chip was a good sport and made new picture frames so we could hang pictures before installing the booth.

                                   Booth12 Booth13
                                                                             The booth frames were installed.

Booth15 Booth16 Booth17
               Then Chip added the lining which Clada had already finished.  He also installed an outlet in the booth.
Booth18  Booth19  Booth20
                             Next Chip installed the trim around the base and on top of the four compartments.

                       Booth21  Chip has made a little more progress.

                            Table1  Table2
                    Chip constructed a table top out of leftover Corian from the kitchen countertop.  That stuff goes everywhere! 

                       Table3    Table5
                          We decided to try it out before we finished it.          
And then it was done...we love the extra storage.

                                                The booth is completely done.           The last thing we did was install a new light fixture.

                                                                                         Yeah!  We finished a project!          

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