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                                      Recent Adventures - August 2012

Eric and Jennifer flew in from Minneapolis for a weekend visit to Fort Lauderdale
while we were there.  We also got together with Steve and Jen and their son.

                                                            Miami Beach looks a lot different from the water.

                          Keys46  Keys49
                                                Its relaxing cruising in a yacht with a competent captain at the helm.

Keys48  Keys50 
  We anchored off of Key Biscayne for some swimming and floating.  There might even have been a few painkillers involved.

                Keys52  Keys53 
                                     Weather started coming in so we headed back to Fort Lauderdale.  

                 Keys54a Keys55a     
                                                  We saw
dolphins on the way home!
                  Keys56  Keys57
                                         We took the Intracoastal Waterway and saw another side of Miami.

Keys60  This is the yacht that Steve took out.  It was nice and roomy.

                 Kesy58                         Keys59
 We toured the Swimming Hall of Fame, which was underwhelming.         We had a fabulous meal at the Casablanca Cafe.
                        We had a great time seeing Eric & Jennifer, and Steve & Jen!

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