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                                      Recent Adventures - July 2012

                            Cathy and Gary hosted the Salt River gang for pizza.  What a fun night!

                                   PD1       PD2a 
                                   Cathy and Jamila were the best pizza creators.                 Holly and Russ were there, too.

  PD3a  PD4  PD5
  Chip and Gary manned the oven.      The girls were making some fine pizzas.             John approved of the Sangria.

           PD6  PD8
                                      We can go through some pizzas when we have a good-sized group.

PD7a  Chip and Gary were the bakers.

                          PD9  PD10 
                             Zuni loves to sit on the swing with Cathy and Holly while Jamila is serving dessert pizza.

                                              PD11  Chip looks like it's "Batter Up!"


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