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               Beautiful St Croix in the US Virgin Islands (Part 2)

Views from our house                                                                                              

                         Gray St Croix   View from apt patio
                                                         This was a really gray day...especially when compared to our usual weather!

                                Rainbow2       Rainbow4
                                  These are two different rainbows, but they were so huge it was impossible to get the entire image.

                           Another rainbow  Rainbow5
                                                                  And here's another rainbow...and another one.   

          flower Bromilia flower2 Bromiliad flower3   
          flower5 Bromiliad flower70 Bromiliad flower4                                                
                 Flowers5  Clada planted some bromiliads that were beautiful when they bloomed.

                                           Clada is an early rise so she sees lots of sunrises.   Sunrise6a

                           Sod11a  Sod12a
                                                                                                         Our gardens are maturing.

                                   Still Beautiful   We never tire of the views from our house.

More house pictures

   House from Water 
This is what our house looks like from the water.

                      House Pic1  House Pic2
Our neighbors took pictures of our house and emailed them to us.

 This view of our house is from the hill at the Salt River..     House from Park

Below are pictures of the North Shore

              Horses at Cane Bay             

                                          Horses at Cane Bay.                                           


Below are pictures from the Salt River  
Salt River                                                   
     Gary & Cathy's flamboyant tree in bloom.                   
The colors of the water are gorgeous.  

  Rainbow3        Salt River7
           There was a spectacular double rainbow.                                 Here's another view of the Salt River.   

                                                     Salt River Beach                  
                                               Gary and Cathy's house is visible in this photo from the air.

MA52  The sand is always shifting, so now the rocks are exposed.

                 Night at Salt River  Salt River Rainbows
                                                                   These are pictures that Gary took of the Salt River.

Below are pictures from other parts of the island

         Wine Glass   SC3                 

          A cold glass of wine at the Brew Pub.                                    The beach at Sand Castles.

             Harbor5 Harbor2\
                                                     These pictures are from the new by-pass scenic overlook site.

MA4a  MA2 
It was a beautiful day to take pictures at Turtles Deli.


love this beach on the West End.  The Sunset Grill is gone, but the beach is still pretty here. 

 The beach here is very local and usually quiet.    MA13a 

MA15a   MA14a
                                                       The pelicans enjoyed this unoccupied sailboat. 

Below are pictures from the Botanical Gardens.

MA57a MA58a
                  MA55  MA56     
                MA63a  MA62
                                                            The gardens were spectacular after May and June rains.   
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