Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                              Building Our House in the Caribbean                                                          

                           Step  82 - Tiling the Apartment Porch and a Mosaic for the Entryway
          Clada designed a new mosaic for the apartment front door.  Chip and Clada worked together to construct  and install it.
          It was a big job because before it could be installed, we had a lot of leveling and tiling to finish on the apartment porch.

      We were working with some small pieces of marble, so we opted to use the reverse technique and glue it to brown paper.

                         Wav2      Wav4
                           Chip trimmed the marble so it would flow nicely.        The background matches the background of the entryway.

  AP1  AP2  AP3
  Before we could start tiling, we had to level the porch to ensure that water drained away from the apartment and didn't pool.

                                 After we leveled it, Clada went back over it with thinset to ensure we would have a good base.
                                                We spent a lot of time on layout, to make sure we liked how it flowed. 

                          AP6  AP7
                         Chip came up with a cool way to keep us and Zuni off of the wet areas while entering the apartment. 

                                                    Chip trained Zuni to walk on the ramp and not take any shortcuts.

                               We had to work around the weather, so it took us awhile to get the tile installed on the porch.

  Then Clada had to go into "mosaic mode" and get the front door field tile done.

                 Wav7              Wav8

       The mosaic was installed and reverse and the brown paper was removed.   Then we added more field tiles and grouted it.  
                                  Apt Patio donea  Apt Patio Done3a    Apt Patio
                                                                     The apartment sitting area and entryway is completed.
This journey is continuing because next we tackle the sidewalk in front of the apartment.           

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