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                                 Recent Adventures - December 2012

       We flew to St Louis for a Monteith family reunion for Christmas at Keith's.  We had lots of fun
                until we managed to get that strange flu/cold that kicked our butts the last few days.


                                       x1       x2
                                                               Parker and Dylan gave Chip a really big welcome with Silly String. 

    x3  We had to do some shopping so we squeezed in a visit to Ted Drewes.

                                         x20      x29
                                      Did we mention how cold it was in St Louis??  Chip tried on one of Marci's hats, but it was snug.

                                It was "present time" and Parker and Dylan racked up.  Mom enjoyed her presents, too

                                  x23     x24
                                                                            And it was time for more gifts....

                                        Lots of foosball and pinball was played... the boys played really well this time!

                  x26                  x28
                  We started to play Crud, but the table wobbled.                  Driving a race car was a big hit with all of the boys.

                 The next day Keith opened his birthday presents.    x4
                                x6a x7
                   Keith had his birthday dinner at a good Mexican restaurant.  We had lots of fun and enjoyed the margueritas.

                          x5a  We loved margueritas by the PITCHER!

x8  We made big turkey dinner the next day, using The Big Easy.

                                                    Mom enjoyed an afternoon nap.

x13 x15
                                 We had a blast at Mom's birthday dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. 

                             Kathi did a great job with Mom's celebration outfit.  She's 91 years old!!!

                     x14  x16
                                                    Mom even got a special lighted cake for the event.

   x10a Chip was doing pretty well, but Clada was really sick.
       We flew home on the same plane from St Louis to Charlotte.  x17                     

  x30  Gary picked Zuni up from the kennel and Sam entertained him that afternoon.

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