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                                    Recent Adventures - November 2013

        A bunch of the Cane Bay swimming gang participated in the third annual Mermaid Mixer.

                                 Merm19       Merm20
                   Teresa, Jan, and Darcy organized this event, which was rescheduled due to weather, with Roger and Scott's help.        

                                 Merm23a  Merm26a
                                                The event matches randomly selected swimmers and runners for a fun race.

                              Merm21  Merm22 
                                 Merm27a   Merm24     
                         Cathy, Molly, Ros, Carol, and Liz ere there.  Liz and Clada swam with goggles only for the first time ever.

                                                   Merm28      Merm29      Merm30
                                                               We even got marked up to make us feel like we were real racers. 

        Merm32  This was my partner for the running portion of the race. 

Merm33  Merm36  Merm35
     Gary came and watched the race.                       Angela and Molly won the event; Molly came in first for the run.                    

          Merm34  Merm37  Merm38
          Here we are after the swim.  Clada was third, and Cathy and Sara swam without their fins for the first time. 
                                                                       Carol, of course, came in first for the swim.

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