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                                 Recent Adventures - October 2012

  Kevin honcho'ed the project to replace the Salt River Mailboxes.  It was quite the challenge
  getting everyone to agree with the new boxes and pay for them.  Chip and Gary helped Kevin
  pour the concrete pad and install the new boxes.
                                   These are our old mailboxes.  The doors were falling off and they were getting hard to open.

                            Mailbox1     Mailbox2
  Kevin had the old mailbox moved so he could form up for the pad.  This was done on Friday to minimize mail inconveniences. 

                               Mailbox3  Mailbox4  

                                     It was a bucket brigade to fill the protective poles so no one runs into the mailboxes.

                                                     Mailbox5   Mailbox6
                                                                       A ladder came in very handy for this part. 

                                Mailbox7   Mailbox8
                                                          Then it was time for the flatwork.  This part went pretty well.

                                    Mailbox9  Mailbox10
                                        Gary had his helper assist, which was handy since he was the only young one there.
         Mailbox12  Mailbox13 
             Kevin floated it and later it was backfilled around the front and back edge to make sure we had a smooth entry.
                         Mailbox14    Mailbox17
                           Here are the before and after pictures.  Our new mailbox has a place for packages which is way cool! 

                                 Mailbox18        Mailbox19
Chip and Kevin relax at the boxes, waiting for folks to pick up their keys, and to make sure no one drives on the pad prematurely. 

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