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                                 Recent Adventures - January 2013

                Clada and Gary joined the Salt River gang for the Sea Stock 2013 fundraiser
                                        for the local environmental association.
                          It was a costume affair with a good band and silent auction.
                            SSt  SSt1 
              Dressing like hippies was easy for these folks.  Love Bobbo's sign...yup, he was the costume contest winner!

       SSt4         SSt5 
                   The girls were looking good.                         The band was awesome...we loved the setting, too.

s SSt8  
                                         Bobbo accepted his award for the costume contest.                                                  

                                                        The runner-up looked good, too.

                 SSt9 SSt10
                       Clada dug up a tie dyed tank and hip huggers.                     Gary's fake joints were hysterical.                             

                                                                                       Lookin' cool.


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