Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                   Building Our House in the Caribbean                                                          

                              Step 83 - The Master Bedroom, Bathroom and Closet Ceiling and Walls
                       Chip has made a lot of progess on installing the walls for the master bedroom, bathroom, and closet. 
                         He had to slow down a little because we need to include the conduit for a security system, and
                                   he then broke his arm, tripping over the dog while walking him one night.
                          MBB1  MBB2
                                           Chip mocked up the bathroom and closets walls to accommodate existing plumbing lines. 

                                                                   We made sure the walls would work within the existing space.

    We offset the walls of the closet to accommodate door trim.                    Here's the panoramic view of the future walls.

                               MBR Wall1  MBR Wall2 
                                                       We were able to put up the first level of the framed walls by ourselves.

    MBR7a    This is a panoramic of the walls.

MBR Walls6   
                                          Chip designed the headers for the sliding doors and installed them with a little help from Clada.

MBR8a         MBR
                Walls10a          MBR Walls9
  Chip installed the wall that separates the bathroom and closet, add the shower wall.   The temporary sliding door works well.

                Walls12    MBR Walls11
                                        Chip worked hard to install the second level corners since they had to match the exposed ceiling.   

MBR Wall3    MBR5a
                       We needed some help from our friends to lift the rest of the second level, which Chip had constructed on the ground.           

  We spent some time figuring out the dimensions for the bedroom canopy.   MBR Walls13

    Chip has finished framing the canopy.                                                       

                                                                    More to come...this journey is continuing.

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