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               Recent Adventures - December 2013

Cathy and Gary hosted the Salt River Gang for a delicious Christmas Dinner.

           Hol42  We wore Mom's Christmas presents to dinner that night.

 The women had finished all of the prep work and got to sit down.   Hol43 

                        Hol44      Hol46
                                              Bob and John.  John and Zuni both dressed up and wore ties! 

  Chip and Gary grilled the steaks and veggies.

                                     Clada and Cathy are all smiles.   Hol47

                We enjoyed crab dip, filets, ethereal mushrooms, stuffed baked potatoes, asparagus, and cheese bread. 
                And then there was pumpkin pie, cherry pie, and a huge selection of homemade cookies.  SCRUMPTIOUS!
                                                            Oh...and lets not forget the Prosecco Punch!

                              Thanks, Gary and Cathy, for hosting all of us for a great dinner!

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