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                                      Recent Adventures - August 2012

  We decided it was time to return to Key West to celebrate Gary's retirement from Hovensa. 
  We hadn't been there in 11 years and not much had changed.  Gary and Cathy stayed with us
  one night in Westin, FL, then we drove down to the Keys.  After three nights there, we
  returned to Fort Lauderdale for the rest of the vacation.  What a blast!

        Ducks                               Van 
started our vacation in Westin, FL where we had a timeshare.       Chip got a great deal on a full-size minivan for a rental.


Hairy Hat
  After picking up Gary & Cathy, we went to the Miami where Ace Hardware store.

  Our neighbor, John, told us about the Island Grill at Key Largo, so we stopped for lunch. Keys3

                                                                          This place was off the beaten path and fabulous!!!  

                                            Keys23  Keys5
                                We stayed at the Tropical Inn on Duval St.  It had a private pool and hot tub area which saw lots of use.

Keys4  We admired the interesting architecture and had nice morning walks.

  Keys7  Keys10
      Our first tourist stop was Hemmingway House, which was lots of fun.  We enjoyed seeing the famous urinal again.

                                              Descendents of the five-toed cats still reside there in luxurious fashion.

                      Keys12      Keys13      Keys15
                           Since it was August and hot, we toured in the morning and then relaxed in the pool in the afternoons. 
                        We walked up the old lighthouse which is now a museum.  Keys17 

                                 We did lots of eating and testing out Key Lime Pie to try to determine whom made the best. 

Keys22a  We enjoyed trying lots of different restaurants.

                      Keys21  Gary, Cathy & Chip toured The Little White House.

 Keys25 Keys63 Keys26
  We rented a gas-operated golf cart on the last day there.  Cathy was our designated driver for the trip around Key West. 

                                Keys28                                              Keys24
          The sign says that this is the eastern most point in the US.            Chip's hairy hat provided lots of entertainment.

  We did a lot of walking on our last night out for dinner.    The boys took a bicycle rickshaw home and tried not to look gay.

 Gary got us tickets for a baseball game in the new Miami stadium.  Keys30 

             Keys31    Keys32
                                Then Cathy and Clada went shopping at the Apple Store for new computers.   

                   Keys33                     Keys34
          There was more shopping for Cathy's living room furniture, and then we had to toast her good purchases. 

               Keys35  Keys36 
               Keys37  Keys38 
               Keys39  Keys40
               Keys42  Keys43 
This cool property is located a block from where we were staying.  Clada had visited Bonnet House before and loved it.

                              Keys44  After we took Gary and Cathy to the airport, we did more shopping!

We had a great time traveling with Gary and Cathy.  We learned how important the words "Zip It" were
when you spend hours driving in a car.  We also learned how important it is to have a minivan with
big windows so everyone can see out and there is room to sprawl.  We look forward to traveling with
Gary and Cathy again; we had so much fun...the trip flew by!

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