Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                           Favorite Photos - 2011                     

                                            Roseway heads out
The Roseway heads out from Christiansted Harbor; the ocean colors are beautiful.

                          Chef Chip2                        
                 Chip costume
      Chip is well-trained as a pizza baker at Gary & Cathy's.         We didn't make it to Mardi Croix this year, but Chip was ready!

                                         Rainy Rainbow
                              We had a lot of rain this year (18 inches in May!) and saw quite a few rainbows. 
Big Moon3 Big
          Moon2 Big Moon
                                                         This year's Big Moon was really big when viewed in St Croix.

  SS5  Gary & Cathy introduced us to a fabulous private South Shore beach.

                Here's a picture of our house from Gentle Winds. Painted House from GW

             Check out this frog!  Clada was oiling the door locks and hinges and when she opened the door, there was a frog in the jam.

      Swim17  Cane Bay is beautiful as the fellas put in their kayaks.

                This is a great picture of "the brothers."    Swim18

                         xm78  I think this photo captures my mom's zest for life at age 90!

Chip always entertains Clada when it is time to throw out worn out clothes.  Chip Strips

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