Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                      Favorite Photos - 2006

     The Lobster Reef                           Frankie Cooking     Frankie producing terrific food at The Lobster Reef 
               The Lobster Reef

   Matt at Lobster Reef     Chip at Lobster Reef     Clada at Lobster Reef       

                   Matt                                                                        Chip                                                                  Clada

                 Jeannette at Lobster ReefJeanwette Haircut1                 Pineapple Plant  Our first pineapple     
                             Jeannette gets a great haircut!

               Due to flight cancellations, we detoured to Boston, but just missed seeing Chip's family because they had gone camping...

                      Nobody's Home    Chip Calls   Boston Street Entertainment
                                           The headlines said it all....                               no answer..... still....              but we enjoyed visiting Boston

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