Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                      Favorite Photos - 2005

More BVI Sailing Trip Photos from March 2005

Eric and Jennifer Self-Portrait         Chip in Hats        BVI Gang
     Eric and Jennifer self-portrait                             Chip in fine form                                                   Anegade Castaways

BVI Happy Hour     BVI Happy the water....and on the boat.....   Happy Hour 2          

BVI Hammocks  BVI Horizon  BVI Water Color

                                                                                    The farewell trip on Add to Life was phenomenal....

Add to LifeMoon and Add to LifeBVI Group Shot

                                              Clada's Willie T T-Shirt     Apparently these shirts are now collectors items....

And even more whale pictures.....

Whale BVI 1   Whale BVI 2   Whale BVI 3  

Whale BVI 4     Whale BVI 5     Whale BVI 6

Suzanne and Paul visited us for a week April 2005 

Clada and Suzanne Sunning       Chip and Paul at Sandy Point       Chip Noodling
         Clada and Suzanne sunning                                 Chip and Paul at Sandy Point             Chip demonstrates his prowess

Chip and Paul    Clada, Paul and Suzanne       Chip Cooking    Chip on Porch

   Chip, Paul, Suzanne and Clada at Point Udall                                              Chip making his famous Caesar Salad and then relaxing at the cottage

Suzanne on Phone        Even on vacation Suzanne is attached to her phone....

St Croix Socializing

Birthday Party    The Boys     The Girls
          Birthday Party                                    Mike gets golf clubs                            Celebrating at Rick and Cris's house

Peggy and Pig       Peggy gets introduced to the beer-drinking pig

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