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                                 Recent Adventures - April/May 2012

  We partnered with Gary and Cathy to do our driveways together.  What were we thinking? 
       We had to haul the equipment back and forth and we were all challenged by getting
                                  the concrete color on island in a timely fashion. 
                                                                               Gary also used Israel to grate his driveway. 

                             GCD5a    It's hard work watching a backhoe work all day!

                                                                               It is now May and the driveway adventure continues...

                                            GC Dr1        GC Dr3
                                   Clada dragged out her concrete pants...but Gary and Cathy looked too good to shovel concrete! 

                                                     GC Dr4       GC Dr5
                                                   Chip at least had rubber boots on.       The brothers look like they are ready to work!

             GC Dr6  GC Dr7  GC Dr8
                 And lots of work was involved since the first part of Gary and Cathy's driveway had to be poured with a wheel barrel.

  GC Dr9  GC Dr10  GC Dr11
                                         GC Dr12  Can you say sore backs the next day???
     GC Dr13  GC Dr14  GC Dr15
        Finally they were able to use the truck to deliver the concrete where it was needed.  It was still lots of work to push it around.

  GC Dr16  GC Dr17  GC Dr18
                        Holy moly.  Thank heavens for Cowboy and the M&M crew.  Yowsa did everyone work hard.

  GC Dr19  GC Dr20  GC Dr21  GC Dr22  GC Dr23 GC Dr24  GC Dr25  GC Dr26 
GC Dr28
GC Dr30   The first section is completed!          

GC Dr29  GC Dr31
                       Lincoln had to leave before the pour was done, so Chip made an outline of his hand on a stick and imprinted it on the driveway. 

     The first section that was poured passed the Zuni "sleep in the sun" test.    GC Dr32 

We also helped Gary and Cathy with their second driveway pour in May.

GC Dr33  GC Dr34  GC Dr35
                                          The steps had to be poured with buckets, which is more "ouch" work!

  GC Dr36  GC Dr37  GC Dr38
                                             Note how much better Gary and Chip are dressed...both are wearing long pants!

  GC Dr39  GC Dr40  GC Dr41  GC Dr42  GC Dr43  GC Dr44  GC Dr45  GC Dr46  GC Dr47  GC Dr48  The second pour was was another tough one due to its size.

                                    GC Dr50  GC Dr51
                                                   This is the crew after the final pour was completed in June.

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