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                                   Building Our House in the Caribbean

                                                                                        Step 53 - Plastering the Exterior

                                                  House Trim
                 First, we had to decide on the trim size, so we painted plywood and attached it to wall to see how it looked.
                       Then we had to cut 4' x 8' sheets of durarock into strips  House trim4

      House Trim2House trim3House trim6House trim9
         House trim12House trim10House trim8
Next we constructed scaffolds and installed the durarock strips with tapcons and then mortared over the joints with mesh tape.
We would work for a week installing the durarock and then the plasterers would work for a week plastering.  Then we would move
the scaffold and start another section.  We moved the scaffold, which was rented, borrowed, and bought, more times than we can count.

     Clada chippers  Clada chippered all summer, but there was more to do once we had scaffolding.

                                 Upstairs propane line  Upstairs propane line2
                         Art had to install the upstairs propane lines so we could level the ground to accommodate scaffolds.

                                  Chip would pressure wash the walls right before plastering.Chip Pressure Washes Wall

                                                              Pink Stuff
                      Clada had to paint on "the pink stuff" which is used to bond the plaster to the concrete. 
    It is a chemical that washes off so it had to be painted on a daybreak so it would dry before the plasters started working. 
She had to repaint one wall due to an unexpected shower.  People kept asking us if that was the color we were painting our house!

Plastering10  Plastering15  Plastering7
                 The plaster is mixed by hand, using sifted sand, cement, thinset, EZ Spread, a bonding agent, and water.

Plastering1  Plastering2  Plastering3
   The plaster was mixed on the courtyard patio since it was out of the wind and convenient to most of the walls.

Plastering4  Plastering5  Plastering6
                   One of the primary challenges was selecting which walls to plaster based on the wind conditions.
We opted to plaster in September and October because those are our least windy months, but we can still get 15mph breezes. 
             Plastering11  Plastering12  Plastering13
                                            A scratch coat is first applied, then a final coat is smoothed on.
     Chip moved scaffold around and Clada picked up cement and EZ Spread as needed.  We used about seventy 94lb bags of cement.

                          Plastering17  Platering18  Plastering20
                                             We needed more scaffolding so we ordered a 3-set tower from Florida. 
                           This scaffold set-up required some real engineering since it had to connect at three different levels. 

                    Plastering16   It's still gray, but now we can put some paint on it someday!

  Plastering took two months, including installing the trim around the parapets.  We were exhausted because we worked 7 days a week!
                                                It was a huge job and we're so glad to have it completed...

                                                               Plastering 21 
    And to top it off, one of our house building bubbas needed some work so we spent two days getting rid of excess building materials
     and clearing some land.  We were both beat.   Let's just say that we took it a little slower in November and December...               

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