Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                   Building Our House in the Caribbean

                                                                                              Step 59 - Painting the House

 HP14 HP18 HP15
We started with painting the part of the house that couldn't be seen from the road.

            HP20   HP23
Chip painted several walls at a time, first cutting in, then priming, then cutting in the teal stripe with two coats,
  then cutting in the soft salmon stripe with two coats, and then cutting in the melody blue color and rolling the walls twice.

  HP24  HP26
We're really excited when we finished painting the first section of the house.

                       HP27  HP28  HP29
Chip had to cut in three covered patios and another two uncovered patios.

Chip loved engineering the scaffolding...his own personal Lego set...and he doesn't even like heights!

                                HP36  HP37
                                         We didn't have enough scaffolding to be efficient, but we got the job done!  

     HP44  HP45 
                   It was really windy when we started the last section of the house so Chip was dotted with paint.

    HP49  HP50  HP51
We were getting ready for a cruise vacation, so Chip worked like a demon to finish the house.

  HP55  HP56  HP57
We had very little rain, which enabled Chip to paint almost every day.
  HP58  HP59
                               Chip is thrilled with the completion of this 10-week job!

                                       House Big Pic

         We're happy with the color of the house; it is aqua, but can look blue or green depending on the sun's reflection. 
    There is a small salmon colored stripe under the larger Teal border, but it isn't visible until you are close to the house.

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