Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                   Building Our House in the Caribbean

                                                                           Step 63 - Creating Custom Tile Designs
One of the advantages to building your house is you can take your time and really customize it!

                     Pelican7                       Pelican6
                 Clada drew up the patterns for the first tile design.      Chip then made templates for each individual piece.

                                   Clada selected the broken tile that captured the desired tile scheme.

            Chip used a wet band saw to cut the individual pieces.           Next, for precision, he used a grinder on the edges.

Pelican 3Pelican10Pelican2    
                                                    He spent a lot of time to ensure he had a nice fit for each piece.

                                        Pelican4           Pelican13
                                    The work is tedius, but you have to like the end product.  Here is the first pelican he completed.

                    Since we often see the pelicans flying in formation, we decided to do three of them for our bedroom patio.
                       These pelicans had 262 pieces and took Chip 85 hours to make!  We have more time than money...

       WM1 WM2
            Chip has set up a mosaic workshop in the guest bedroom.  He has started working on the first of two whales.
         WM4                              WM5
    This whale is mostly marble and granite, with some slate.             The breaching whale is ready for installation.

                                  Chip has drawn up and started working on the swimming humpback whale.

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