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                                   Building Our House in the Caribbean

                                                                             Step 29 - Building the Garage Bond Beam

                                                  THE GARAGE IS THE FIRST BOND BEAM WE CONSTRUCTED. 
                                           INTERIOR FORMS ARE FIRST INSTALLED, THEN THE STEEL IS TIED,
                                                    AND THEN THE RAFTERS ARE INSTALLED IN THE FORMS,
                                                 MORE STEEL IS INSTALLED AND THE FORMS ARE CLOSED UP.                              

                                                   Garage Rafters1
                                                                           The garage hip rafters go up.

                                                  Joseph Power SawsJoseph Saws
                                      Joseph cuts the rafters first with his circular saw and then finishes them with a hand saw.
    Frankie's LadderGarage Rafters 3Bird's Eye View
                                      Gus is a linchpin in this operation--he is the point man--and has a bird's eye view.

                                    garage roof half doneForming Rafters
                                                         It is starting to look like something with wth rafters up!

                            Forming Rafters2Garage Rafters Formed Up
                                                                            We're ready to pour the garage bond beam

                               truck comes
Lincoln pumps
                                                Concrete cometh--it is now more available...Lincoln is doing our pumping             

                       Plenty of crew2
Plenty of crew
                                                                         We have a good-sized crew for this pour

                                    garage roof rafters done      The garage bond beam is done!

                                    Chip strips forms  Chip strips forms2
                             Chip gets the thrill of stripping some forms that have been up for six months (or it seems that way)!

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