Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                   Building Our House in the Caribbean

                                                                                   Step 27 - Building a drain (septic) field


                                                                 Chico constructs drainfield
                                                                                Chico carved out the drainfield first

                                 Truck Delivers Mix2  Truck Delivers Mix
                                        Then Patrick delivered loads of crusher mix to build a good base for the drain field

Drainfield Base6Drainfield Base 5Drainfield Base4
                        Drainfield Base3Drainfield Base
                                             Stanley moved the crusher mix in tight quarters and built a good base

                 Stanley Moves Fill2Stanley moves fill
                                               Then Stanley brought some fill from the upper level to fill in the sides

Art Shovels Half a Drainfield 
Half a drainfield!!  Unfortunately, the island is out of infiltrators so we had to stop at the halfway point!
                                     Besides, our plumber, Art is getting tired of shoveling, so we will start again when we can...

                                       Drainfield base completed Septic lines installed
                                               We finished up the drainfield  and Art installed the septic lines
                  free topsoil    We got some free top soil but we had to have it moved.

                       Patrick maneuvers  First Load Top Soil
                        Patrick had tight quarters to deliver the top soil, but he is a pro at maneuvering dump truck

                       Chip learns to use use steer skidChip leanrs to use steer skid3
                  Chip learns to use steer skid4Chip learns to use steer skid5
            We didn't want to drive a backhoe on the drainfield, so we rented a steer skid, which Chip learned to operate...
               it was rainy and slippery, but Chip only terrified me once when he almost tipped over into the ravine!
top soil downdrain field plantings
                             But we got the top soil down, with Clada doing the raking, and then planting some palms

                               After planting more palms, Clada seeded the grass and then it didn't rain for ten days!!!!

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