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                                         Recent Adventures - 2012

                                                                                 Click on the bordered photos for more information.
                        Haircut1                                           Chip Bingo
         Chip dazzled us with his Bozo the Clown haircut.                         Chip won bingo at Off The Wall.

       Boat P7                                         G&C
          Christmas Tree
We enjoyed the Christiansted Boat Parade.                           Check out the size of Gary and Cathy's Christmas tree.

                                                            We flew to St Louis and celebrated Christmas and two birthdays.


          pinic table                                       Merm11

 We tested out the new picnic table with Pirates Tavern cheeseburgers.            We participated in the Second Annual Mermaid Mixer.

                          TDay6  We enjoyed a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner with the Salt River Gang.

                   Mailbox13                              Rav19
         Kevin, Chip & Gary installed new neighborhood mailboxes.                            We had lots of fun with the Ravens Club.

                 BTB1                             CK1

Gary, Cathy, Clada & Frank provided kayak support for the C
oral Reef Swim.          Clada visited her mom and was joined by Kevin.

                                            Sea Van6                                           
                          Chip moved the household goods out of the sea van.                

                              Keys20                                         Keys58
We had a fun trip to Key West and Fort Lauderdale with Cathy & Gary.      Then, Eric and Jennifer flew in from Minneapolis for the weekend.                  

Check out the corrosion on our outdoor sliding chair brackets.  We replaced them with new ones, after painting them with Hammerite
    and they still corroded.  We found some stainless steel ones, and they seem to be holding up much better, although they still show a
    little corrosion.

               New Bed  We bought a king size bed which Zuni loves as much as we do!

             July4                                    CT4
                    We had a July 4th barbecue at Gary & Cathy's.                       Chip visited his Dad and Stepmom in Waterford, NY.

              CT9                           CT15
                Chip visited Maria and Pat in upstate New York.                   Chip visited with Ed and Rosalee in Greenfield Center, NY.

                        CT27                            CBD3
                  Chip visited his sister and her family in Boston.    Chip opened birthday presents upon his turn.

                                        PD4  Cathy and Gary hosted the Salt River Gang for pizza.

                                        Cathy 63  Cathy 63-1
                                                          We celebrated Cathy's 63rd birthday.  She is still looking great!!

                  CR3                         Ray5      
             Cathy & Clada walked for a fundraiser.           We enjoyed seeing Ray and Diana's orchids at their party.
                Girl's Pool
            Party  We had a girl's pool party at Nora's.

                Wedding5                  GC Dr50                                           
                  We attended Gregor and Jean's wedding.              We helped Gary pour his beautiful red driveway in May & June.   

            Nona3                   Shaves1                        

             Nona came back to St Croix for some much-needed R&R.                  Gary gets a retirement haircut.

                                                                Ironman1  Ironman2
We stood out in the rain to watch Lance Armstrong (loser!) race the 70.3 Ironman.


                KJF1                 CCM4
                We attended several farewells for Jeannette & Keith.                   We attended a free country music festival.

                                                             GC Family2
                                                                  Gina, Roger and Lincoln visited Gary and Cathy.

                                  GCD3                                                   Springy Mom
               We partnered with Gary and Cathy to do our driveways.                              Clada visited her mom.

We had a blast at Bob's birthday party.                   We kayaked to Shell Island for Gary's birthday.           

                  Island Tour13
                        We toured Dana and Kristin around the island.                            We attended our third Mardi Croix parade.

                              Ag1                   BI2
                                  We joined Gary and Cathy for Agrifest.                                 We went boating with Scott and Carol.      

Zuni had a late "Coconuts on the Beach" birthday.


                                 Gary & Chip Play
      Cribbage  Clada's Cake
   Gary & Chip played cribbage while Chip cooked Clada's prime rib birthday dinner.  Cathy made a wonderful Oreo Cake.                   

                              Jeff2               Chip
                                Jeff and Kelly visited Gary & Cathy for a week.                 Chip went golfing with the North Shore Bubbas.

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