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                                         Recent Adventures - 2011

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                             xm1                                          xm17 
            Kevin provided us lots of entertainment with his new mouthpiece.    It was great that everyone was home for the holidays.

xm22  xm62  xm72
    Lots of presents were opened...                    Lots of cards were played...                     Lots of birthdays were celebrated...

                 xm85                           HH!
      Mom's 90th birthday celebration was the highlight of the trip!           We had a blast at Villa Marguerita Happy Hour.

                      Patio Dinner                                LF1
                              Chip made dinner for Gary and Cathy.                                    Clada fixed up a corroded light fixture.

                      KB3                       MM1
                 Carol and Scott hosted 16 for Thanksgiving dinner.         Clada joined Cathy and Marjorie in the inaugural Mermaid Mixer.     

         Mom Visit1           Piz3                       Kev Win2
Clada visited her Mom in Fayetteville, NC.   Gary and Cathy hosted the Salt River gang for pizza.    Chip helped Kevin install his windows.
     Jazz1                           Swim20
     We attended Friday Night Jazz in Fredericksted.                We swam from Cane Bay to Carambola...Cathy's first long swim!

                               HD2                  Chip and Gary
                                              St Croix now has a Home Depot!                   We saw a lot of Gary while Cathy was off-island.

                             We spent twelve days in Greece with Eric, Jennifer, Rod, Jolene, Dan, and Michelle

                     Turkey1  Carol hosted a farewell family dinner for Kaitlyn.

              Jul4c     16 clamps
                  We celebrated July 4th at Gary & Cathy's.          Chip helped Gary with his Tatabo project.

                       Chip's 50th       HS band
                               Chip turned 50.                   We went to Jump Up with Gary & Cathy.

                MC4                  MC8
Chip organized a "Man Cave" for Parker and Sam.       The fellas got an island orientation and learned to drive a stick.

MC17     MC24
 Kaitlyn graduated from high school.              The grads enjoy wood-burning pizza and cooling off at Gary and Cathy's house.      

                       MC73         MC88
The grads at a South Shore beach.                           Sam and Parker get SCUBA certified.

                           MC99  MC106
                                 We showed Sam & Parker the East End.                  Chip, Keith, Parker, & Sam went golfing.

                     MC108      MC127 
                        We had to make sure the fellas saw the West End, too.          Parker wins big at Off the Wall BINGO.

                                       MC131                        Jasmine &
                              Parker &  Sam's visit went by so fast!                   We've spent lots of time at Gary & Cathy's.

     IM38     IM59
  Suzanne finishes her first Ironman.      Our neighbors were there, too!                     Zuni romps hard at the beach.

      IM70 Suzanne and Paul made their third trip to St Croix...this time for Ironman.

                CC1       SS5 

                We attended a free country music concert at Divi.          Cathy & Gary introduced us to a private South Shore beach.

                             Chip self-p     Humpback1                                 
                                Chip and Clada at Golden Rail.                        We saw whales from our porch.

                Pineapple3           Jeep14         
                              Gary & Cathy's Pineapple                         Our 2003 Jeep Wrangler was re-painted.

                                Truck arrives3  Chip's "newish" truck arrives on island.

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