Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                         Recent Adventures - 2010

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                          rexmas2                                    mcx3
         Clada visited Rick & Di at their home in Nashville, NC.               Clada joined her mom for Christmas in Austin.


   Clada made it to Fayetteville in time for a mini-family reunion.   mr2

                              moclass5  Clada had fun at a 5-day mosaic class in Miami.

                            GW43 Chip finished up his project manager duties to remodel their recreational building.

    Batdog4    Enough Water2
   We enjoyed fine pizza at Gary and Kathy's.     Zuni was Batdog for Halloween.    We have inches and inches and rain this year.

                    Tropical Storm Gaston caused huge 15-25 foot waves on the North Shore.

                  Hurricane Earl4                 Pizzap20
                We experienced our second hurricane, Earl.              Kathy and Gary hosted a fun Salt River pizza party.

                 2nd bd4                 Dog Play3
                  Zuni celebrated his second birthday.                               Taper is still Zuni's best buddy.

                  Summer Sunset4          Minn6
                           We had some beautiful sunrises this summer.                  We visited Eric and Jennifer in Minneapolis.

              Ill15                      Tex48
               We joined Mom to visit Keith and Marci in St Louis.         We spent a day with Kevin and his family in Round Rock.

            Tex12       Col3
                  We visited Vic and Martha in San Antonio.                 We visited Paul and Suzanne in Colorado.

                                                        Summer Dinner3
                                                                        We had dinner at Carol's.

NY12    Sandy Zuni
           Chip visited his pop in Albany and his sister in Boston.                         Zuni still loves to dig in sand piles.

                            MP1  We joined Gary and Kathy for more pizza.

                            Zuni Greets                  Kaitlyn Prom6
                                     Zuni is now a low maintenance dog.                         Kaitlyn attends her first prom.

                       CD1              Tri5
                                     More fine food at Carol's.                                The North Shore Fella set up for Ironman.

                            Cruise16      Mom with Ipad2
                             Clada, Chip and Mom take a Caribbean cruise.                      Clada visits her mom in North Carolina.

                          Zuni love Marjorie  Marjorie joins us for a house tour and light dinner.

                                Pizza2  We enjoyed woodburning pizza with Gary and Kathy.

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