Chip and Clada Self-Portrait


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                                         Recent Adventures - 2006

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  Chip at Christmas Day Beach Party Clada on New Year's Eve
Gift Exchange Party 2 George and Jen on North Shore2
           Christmas Day Beach Party                 New Year's Eve            North Shore Bubbas Gift Exchange Party               George and Jen visit The North Shore                           

Keith's Surprise Beach Party   Dinner at Jeannette's 1   Chip with Turtle 2
            Keith's Surpise Beach Party                                  Jeannette hosted us for a potluck dinner                                            Chip rescues more turtles

                                                         Chip in Condado      Condado 2
                                                                                         We visited San Juan and got a few ideas for the house.


Turtle in Hands     Frankie's BD     Chip, Robert and Jeanette at Norma's
     Baby sea turtles hatched                                 Frankie celebrated his birthday                                                     North Shore Bubbas at Norma's

             at Gentle Winds

                                                                              Clada attended Karen and Alan's housewarming party

                                                                                  Alan in Kitchen
                                                                                                     Alan prepping in the kitchen

                                         We traveled to North and South Carolina to visit family and attend Clada's high school reunion

                                                                  Reunion Group Pic
                                                                                           Clada's 30-Year High School Reunion

                                        Putt Putt2                        Tony Roma's Group Pic
                                                      Myrtle Beach                                                          Visiting Fayetteville

                Unfortunately, we missed seeing Chip's family when we detoured through Boston  Nobody's Home


                                   Mango Dress                    We attended The Botanical Gardens Mango Melee event                       



                                    We celebrated Chip's birthday at The Lobster Reef                         Chip with Lobster Hat

             Rorie Makes a Wish     We celebrated Rorie's third birthday at Bogey's with the North Short Bubbas.

Clada joined her family in Washington D.C. for  Keith's retirement from the Air Force.       Siblings2                                                                                                                                                                             
Keith, Clada, and Kevin

             .  Amy and Clada  Clada got to catch up with Amy, who just moved back to wonderful Fairlington.   
Amy and Clada
We met our friends, Joe and Carina, for dinner--they are moving to the mountains of North Carolina.     Chip, Joe, Carina, and Clada
Chip, Joe, Clada and Carina

A group of the North Shore Bubbas got together for a Saturday night beach party in honor of Larry visiting St Croix.  We had a wonderful meal of grilled
leg of lamb with fresh mango chutney, portobello mushrooms with cheese and tomatoes, brats, gruyere potatoes, baked beans, jalapeno corn bread,
marshmellow salad, brownies, and cakes.  Hmmmmm goood.

keith and chip   big spread    keith, chip and rick    jeannette and larry

cris and peggy   hmmm   Chip Eating at Beach Party   Peggy and Clada        

                                          Beach Party2   Beach Party  

Larry was the guest of honor for this beach party.             Can Bay Beach

MAY 06

                                             Keith N met a new friend called "Summer" who provided some entertainment for all of us.

Front view                                                               Side view

              Summer1                   Summer2            Keith and Summer

We ate dinner at Richard's and Chip enjoyed seeing "the red dog" again.     Chip and Red

               Chip needed a getaway from his 24-hour duties as Gentle Winds General Manager, so we flew to St Thomas for the weekend.

Chip Boarding  Plane Landing  Chip Debarking  Chip at Villa Santana
Chip boarding--our first seaplane ride!                                             Note the smile on Chip's face--he's free!                              Chip at Villa Santana
   Clada in St Thomas    Mango Thief   
View from Villa Santana Pool    St Thomas Taxi
Clada on hill to hotel        Chip goes local and helps himself to mangos                        View from Villa Santana pool                   Taxis are the only way to travel in STT!

Jeanette, Keith, Frankie, Chip, and Clada spent Sunday afternoon at Norma's (also known as The Domino Club aka The Pig Bar) and enjoyed some of Norma's
 famous Mamawanna...  "Momma Wanna Go Home After A Couple Of These" is how Clada sums it up

Mamawanna Chip at Norma's Clada and Keith Frankie at Norma's Chip and Norma
  Mamawana--a secret recipe                          Chip                                      Clada and Keith                        Psycho Frankie                       Norma and Chip


           While we were surveying our land, we watched the St Croix half-Ironman, which is a qualifier for the Hawaii Ironman Competition.

Triathlon3    triathlon2  

It's an uphill climb past our we got to cheer the competitors on....and give them the bads, this isn't "The Beast,"
                            which is a really, really tough hill about 4 miles up the road!

              Triathlon1           Triathlon 5           Triathlon4          Triathlon6

We went to Bobby's for fine cuisine and beautiful views.  Bobby hosted Chip's boss, Dick and his wife, Barbara, as well as his old friend, Jan.  It was great fun!

                     Bobby at HomeDick and Barbara at Bobby'sJan and BarbaraChip and Clada at Bobby's

We  went to Jump Up, which is a street party in Christiansted ...bands played, there were lots of outdoor bars and food....

Jump Up    Mocko 1    Mocko 2    Mocko 3    Clada and Mocko Jumbee2    Clada and Mocko Jumbee


The famous foursome went golfing at the Buccaneer Hotel Golf is a gorgeous golf course, and perfect for exploding golf balls..
Golfing Foursome    Mike Golfing    Keith C Golfing

  Our friend and ex-landlord, Richard, joined us for dinner--we really miss living next door to him!!!

                               Cheftel2               Richard

We went to The Lobster Reef and joined Robert and his family and off-island relatives for the usual great meal.

       Chip, Rory, and Robert
        Robert's Family        Robert's Family 2        Sheila and Rory   

We celebrated Peggy's 81st birthday at Jeannette's house in Cane Bay--the food was fantastic and life doesn't get much better
than sitting on Jeannette's porch.

                  Peggy's Birthday                   Peggy's Birthday 2                  Keith Grilling                    


Clada just returned from a 2-week trip home where she stayed with her folks.  She flew through Washington DC and got to see her brother,
Keith, and his family, too.  We went to CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) which was a real treat for Clada!

     Keith and Marci    Emily and Clada   Keith and Emily                                        

                          Marci and Keith                                                             Emily and Clada                                                         Keith and Emily

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